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How to Download and Fill in Application Forms


    How to download

    How to open

    How to fill in

    Application Forms MUST be Filled Out Truthfully, Completely And Accurately


1. How to download?

            Right click the link of the form on our website, then click "Save As" to save the form to your hard disk.

            If you can not download application forms. You may visit the websites of Chinese Embassy or other Consulates General to download the forms with the same form number (eg. Q-1, G-1).

2. How to open?

           1) Forms in PDF format (including e-Form) should be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please click the following icon to download the Reader for free:

            If you can not read some items of the form with the reader installed, it may be bacause: a. Your Reader is out of date.  Please click here to update your Reader; b. Asion Font Packs may not be installed. Please click here to download and install the Asion Font Packs.

           2) Forms in JPEG format may be opened with most picture softwares.     

3. How to fill in?

               1) E-Forms may be opened and MUST be filled in by Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please fill in and print the form by computer.

               2) Standard pdf forms may be printed with the Reader. If you have installed the Adobe Acrobat Professional, it may also be filled out by computer.

               3) JPEG forms may be printed directly with most common picture softwares.


4. Application Forms MUST Be Filled Out Truthfully,Completely And Accurately


         Relevant application form is required when applying for passport, visa, notarization or authentication. This form is for the applicant to declare certain information and state relevant request. It is one of the important bases on which Consuls will decide the application can be processed and how it is to be processed. Applicants have the responsibility to fill out the application forms truthfully, completely, and accurately.

        We found out in our practice that some application forms were illegible, some are outdated ones issued several years ago, some items in the forms were left blank without any reason, some items were inaccurate or untruthful, and some were not signed or not signed by the applicant him or herself. All these problems resulted in the delay of submission or caused delay or errors in the processing. Applicants are then reminded to:

        1. Always use the updated applications forms. Most of the updated forms can be downloaded from our website or be obtained for free at the Passport and Visa Office. Please be noticed that any old forms other than the standard ones will be refused as of May 3, 2005.

        2. Fill out the form truthfully. Applicants should hold full responsibilities for all the information filled out on application forms.

        3. Fill out the form completely. All items of the forms should be filled out. If nothing to declare, "N/A" should be filled in. Please do not leave any item blank without any reason.

            For example, if your current name is amended and different from the name on the photo page of your passport, you must fill in the former name on the form and tell the consul that your name has been changed.

        4. Fill out the form accurately. Applicants are recommended to use e-Forms by computers. If you do not have computer, you should fill in clearly, better in capital letters.

        5. Sign the form by applicant him or herself. Only forms of underage applicants can be signed by lawful guardian.

        Application forms should be the original signed by the applicant. The filled out form will not be accepted if it is photocopied or faxed.

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